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Aries New Moon - Ignite Your Fire!

What a whopper of a New Moon!! Aries season is always time for rebirth and new life but this one is chock full of MAGIC. Coinciding perfectly with the spring equinox, Aries New Moon is the shot out of a canon of new beginnings. Hold onto your hats folks!

Who else is changing into a new face? PLUTO. Duh duh duhhh (ominous music playing) Thursday the 23rd, Pluto will dip into Aquarius and check out the scene for a few months before he retrogrades back into Capricorn until 2024. This glimpse into where we are headed for the next 20 years should prove to be eye-opening and possibly head spinning, so set your sights on what YOU want to create and let the chips fall where they may.

Aries’ ruler Mars also changes signs from Gemini into Cancer March 25th. Cancer is not Mars’s favorite place, but in my opinion it’s a very necessary placement for us to have right now. Mars’ desire and action needs to be heart centered, consider feelings, even if it’s simply to purge them and make decisions based on what feels like home comfort and intuitively correct. Cancer is a much more feminine based energy than zippy, headstrong Gemini.

That’s A LOT of movement. Shifts and changes will be the norm. So how do we ride this energy???

Aries loves to move, start new things, have clear cut answers and fight for what it wants.Therefore, discipline in navigating aggression will be paramount for success. Fight and drive are cousins, but they can express in very different ways. Find your center and from there, make decisions. Our intuition will be high now, so following your heart bliss will be a great guiding light. When Aries gets excited about a positive thing, it is unstoppable!

This is also time for burning away the past. “What’s done is done” Aries says, “So NOW WHAT?!” This New Moon is the final clean up crew for all the stuff we’ve been carrying around in our hearts and minds that we no longer need. You know how good it feels to remove bags of trash from your environment after a spring cleaning? That’s how good you can feel inside when you let go of what doesn’t serve you now.


May you all attract and create great things!

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Art and Design
Art and Design
27 abr 2023

Thank you for this message.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
21 mar 2023

I can feel the now what energy building! I'm beyond ready for the bright future, although in an algorical sense, as I feel some of this brightness will be led by flashlight and tombstones 😉👻

Me gusta
Contestando a

Haha yes, bringing light to the ghostly! Someone's gotta do it 😄

Me gusta
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