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Aquarius Full Super Moon - Clear Path Forward!

Aquarius Full Super Moon - August 1st 2023

This is a powerful Aquarius Super Moon. It’s strong illumination from Leo Sun empowers the individual to shine within the community, to bring their unique talents forward.

Your community is anyone you interact with; your work mates, family, children, friends and romantic partners. This energy helps us to see everything and everyone in a fresh new way.

It brings ideas of higher purpose, higher realms of consciousness and great creative insight in business and artistic pursuits. It’s like a portal to new ideas is opening with this Full Moon!

The Moon’s quincunx to Mercury, Mars and Pallas Athena in Virgo, shows us the way to accomplish our goals in practical terms. Representing thought, action and intellectual growth, in Virgo, these 3 want to get the job done. If it’s not straightforward, this crew won’t dig it. Their energies resonate with answers that make sense, actions that logically track and intentions that are clear.

The Super Moon also Squares Jupiter in Taurus encouraging us to go for it! This benevolent energy gives us the vision to see the path forward and the courage to make moves that bring thoughts into living reality.

Lastly, Aquarius is known to be an unemotional sign. It goes beyond basic emotions and seeks a higher meaning in all things. This emotional detachment can help to quell fears and lesson emotional distress. But keep in mind, Venus is in retrograde during this time, so we can feel an added sense of “oh hum-ness”. It’s ok! This is a time to get our ducks in order and be productive. Old sorry emotions will not help us now, so shake ‘um off and get to work doing what you love. When Venus the planet of love and beauty turns direct Sept 4th, you will be thrilled with the results you have to show her!

Happy Full Moon Everyone!

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