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Capricorn Full SuperMoon - Finding Independence

On July 3rd, we have a Super Full Moon at 11 degrees of Capricorn which prompts us to make sense of ALL our feelings about what we are doing with our life. Since the Sun’s move into Cancer at the Summer Solstice, emotions have run high and hot. Everything on and under the surface has come up to be acknowledged, faced and given the time and strength to be healed.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun, so our thoughts of who we are and where we are going are in question with the Moon illuminating these two luminaries. Our heart and our head can be at odds with each other, making us feel insecure and unsure of how to proceed. This is what developmental psychologists calls a moment of Disequilibrium: We have seen, thought or felt something that is beyond our current range of comprehension. Therefore, we have to stretch our understanding to “make a new mental box” and create new synaptic pathways to process the new information.

A quick example of this is a young child who has only been exposed to let’s say cats and dogs, goes to the Zoo and sees a giraffe for the first time. The child points at the giraffe and says “Doggy!” The parent says “No, that is a giraffe.” In that moment, the child’s mind has to create a new box or mental pathway for the new experience we call “Giraffe”. It’s a mini mind blow!

This is what we are experiencing with this Full Moon energy. Old ways of thinking are not working for us or fall short in solving problems to get us where we want to go. We have to search within our being for new ways of processing our wants and needs and figure out how to communicate them in relationship with others.

Meanwhile, Venus and Uranus are in a tight square. Venus in Leo wants to play, have fun in the sun and express her carefree, childlike creativity. Uranus in Taurus urges us to break free of old ways of doing things and find new structures that promote our growth and individuality. Venus and Uranus are clearly not on the same page, enhancing the discomfort and confusion of what we truly want!

So where’s our savior in this energy?? It lays in finding a balance between inner security and outside forces. Quiet the mind through meditation and go into the silence within. Feel the feels. Get mad, sad or angry. Allow it to come up and out. Honor it. Thank it for it’s wisdom. Once the emotions are fully expressed, the mind finds a calm. Love yourself in this moment. From there (and probably after a nap) new impulses can flow to the mind, body and spirit. Follow these new instincts and see where they lead. TRUST THEM. This is how we make room for new neural pathways which bring us new personal understanding. That’s what growth is all about!

In conclusion, Cancer and Capricorn represent emotional, physical and financial security. Use these energies to find your inner balance so the outside world can reflect your new found understanding. It all starts with the communication between mind and heart. So, allow the confusion to bring you new understanding. It’s a wild ride, but certainly not dull!

May you find great stability and strength within that brings you great balance in your new life to come!

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