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Full Blue Moon in Pisces - Deep Inner Healing

August 30th brings the second Full Moon of August making it a Blue Moon. Blue Moons are associated with heightened emotions and intensified energy. It’s a chance to fully review the culmination of this month’s occurrences.

The moon joins Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, adding to the already dreamy vibes. Time seems bizarre and hard to keep track of and our thoughts can wander far unexpectedly. In this dream-like state, we can either feel scattered and tired or a boost of psychic and intuitive awareness or a mix of both.

Venus is still in retrograde until Sept 3rd. Venus represents our guide for love and beauty as well as our financial resources, so in retrograde, Venus brings a blasé attitude. And now Mercury has begun it’s retrograde dance as well, joining Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus in backwards motion. It sounds like we are doing a lot of back pedaling. And we are. But much progress can still be found. We just need to center ourselves a bit differently.

“When fishermen can’t go to sea, they mend their nets.” This is a time of deep inner healing, of connecting with spirit guides and clearing the mind of old thoughts through mediation and journey work. Pay special attention to your dreams in this time. They are helping bring to light sub and unconscious patterning that wants to be reworked.

Acknowledging the deep inner work that is achievable right now, can help center our minds in this nebulous vibration. What do you want to see come to fruition in the next few months? What do you wand to let go of? What has been waiting to be resolved in your life? Daydream and journal about it. See how far you’ve come this year and give thanks for your growth. Sooth any negative feelings about what hasn’t manifested yet. Remember that everything has it’s own divine timing. If we can settle into the feeling that all is well, that there is nothing serious going on here, we enable ourselves to relax into spirit’s source and allow.

So in this week of dreams and low drive energy, take the time for healing. Mend those nets, both internally and physically. Boost your connection with the divine. Remember that everything is sacred. When Venus goes direct in a week, we should start to feel a renewed sense of self and purpose. You will be happy you cleared the way.

Godspeed on your journey of healing!

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