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Leo New Moon - Master Your Power!

This Leo New Moon sits amidst very dynamic cosmic energy.

I won’t bore you with listing all the aspects. Instead, let’s dive into the themes of this time.

Leo is heart energy. Our hearts are transmitters of love. Decipher what our heart is most focused on. Worry and fear or love and appreciation? Be honest with yourself. This time is about deeply understanding where our frequency lives most often. If you, like most people, have been going through a difficult time, worry and fear can become normal. We may not realize where we are living. Leo Moon wants us to really look at what we are broadcasting out into the world and decide whether we truly approve if it or not.

Old habits also come to the fore. What are we doing that is habitual but not chosen?

Some examples could be eating sweets late at night, avoiding vegetables, not moving our body consistently, reacting negatively to traffic or delays or stressing every time bills come. What can we do to actively change our mindset in order to improve these areas?

There is a practically to this energy. Clearly seeing our thoughts, feelings and actions helps us to make better choices. Better choices become new habits. 30 days is all you need to form new life structures!

Be wise about where you spend your energy. “Don’t cast pearls before swine”. Leo wants to be generous with everyone. Virgo says discriminate. Take your healing to another level by discerning what is really worth your precious time. Feed yourself mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goodness by monitoring what you watch, hear and ingest.

Last thing to mention, Mars is opposite Neptune which means we can lose steam or focus on our goals. Not terribly helpful in new habit forming! This is where connecting with spirit is our savior. Yoga, Tai Chi or simply grounding with the Earth can help us take the dreaminess of Neptune and use it to fuel our new endeavors. It’s akin to giving up control as we know it and starting to live from a spiritually informed state that guides us towards right action in every moment.

So in this Leo New Moon energy, explore your heart center. See what lives there. Listen to the shadow and the joy and make adjustments where necessary. The good choices you make today will fuel your every tomorrow!

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