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Libra Full Moon - Find Balance In Change

This Pink Full Moon in Libra is the culmination of what you have accomplished over the last month. Whatever you have initiated is showing signs of growth.

The Sun, Jupiter and Chiron are all conjunct in Aries, so they are operating as one energy,

All of these luminaries shining on the Libra Full Moon prompt questions of “who am I, what am doing to truly be myself and how have I moved past old wounds to heal myself and turn them into great strengths?” There is a real drive here to overcome obstacles and find your own way through to success. Aries loves personal achievement so to see itself succeed through partnership with the outside world is a palpable goal.

On the flip side, there is a pressure to succeed with this energy. The Libra Moon wants to find a way to make everyone happy and prosperous, not just self. Libra energy is diplomatic, interpersonal minded and doesn’t like conflict. Aries doesn’t generally care about any of that, so there is an interplay between my desires and what is good for my relationships.

The good news is that Libra has a way of making everything beautiful, calm and pleasant which should help us feel more stable within and therefore more adept at getting along with others to achieve our goals.

What’s best to focus on during this time is being comfortable in your own skin and communing with others in a positive, mutually uplifting way. With all our quirks and unique personality attributes, we can feel accepted and understood once we first jive with accepting ourself for who we truly are. This energy is the dichotomy which helps us to grow and expand our sense of self through the lens of the other. It’s about being the artist of your own existence!

So Relationship is key here: To self, to others, to the outside world, to our goals, our dreams, our growth tactics…everything is balanced and weighed. In a way, it’s a check list in the sky to see where we fall short and where we are succeeding. No matter what tally you come up with, it’s all good. Acceptance of where you are in your journey fuels further growth. The last thing you wanna do during this energy is beat yourself up for anything you could have or should have done. Let it go, baby. We are all children of the stars finding our way through, one way or another. With Source at the helm, we are always guided and always prompted to take the next right action.

Find the center of your wheel and all will be revealed one moment at a time!

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