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Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio - See and Feel the Real!

This Cinco Di Mayo brings an added flavor of Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse energy on the Taurus - Scorpio axis. The Sun in Taurus represents what we have, what is ours to use and love. The Moon in Scorpio represents what is hidden, other people’s resources and deep emotional healing and transformation. This combo brings our deepest feelings to the fore. What is working can take a giant leap forward. What is painful or clearly not working comes to the surface to be revealed and healed.

It is fitting that this Full Moon is called the Flower Moon for it heralds a time of blossoming into the spring growth of our lives. Dead seeds will not flourish, living seeds push their way to the surface to enjoy their full life cycle.

Whatever is going away in this time period, let it. Uranus is opposite the Moon and conjunct the Sun so, any unexpected changes should be taken as divine guidance to move in a different direction. The key to this energy is flexibility and being able to change with the flow. As fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio are not known for their flexibility, but this is a necessary part of the energy. I see their rigidity as a good thing right now so we can learn to stick to it, face what needs to be faced and rise above it with flying colors, transforming into new beginnings of all we can be as our new self.

If you have any planets between 10 and 20 degrees of the fixed signs, this energy will affect you particularly. You may find yourself faced with your own rigidity or where you have dug your heels in when you actually need to let go and let flow.

The Taurus - Scorpio axis is closely aligned with our ego and where we stubbornly get stuck through self imposed limitations and comparing or judging ourselves against what others have and we don’t. Lack, fear and greed can be seen as the jungle gym of the ego. These are of course low, base vibrations. Finding where these live within us and how we project those fears onto others, can help us shed some of our poverty consciousness and feelings of low self worth in order to embrace our full potential.

Lastly, Mercury is in Retrograde until May 15th which compounds the energy of review, regroup and reinvent. So if anything is hanging on that doesn’t need to be there or has outlived it’s shelf life, now is the time to shake it loose. It’s a good time to declutter your surroundings as well as your heart, body and mind. What has come to fruition in the past month should be clear. What still needs some healing or cleaning should also become clear. Use this time to reimagine your best life and step into it with a renewed sense of self.

May blessings and beautiful manifestations be yours!


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