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Make The Most Out Of Autumn 2020

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

So far, 2020 has been the most changeable, bizarre and action packed year ever experienced by humans in our lifetime. Uncertainty abounds, energy levels soar in every direction and it takes everything we have to keep afloat. How to we make the most out of the Autumn season in order to stay on track with our goals and aspirations?

Thanks to the Sun and Mercury being in Virgo, we have detail oriented energy on our side. The emotional whirlwind of the summer's Cancer vibe, has subsided and we can see the forest for the trees both mentally and emotionally. This does not mean we have all the answers. Far from it! But we can work diligently on step by step application of envisioning, allowing and then proceeding with action to achieve any goal. Do you know how to do this? Let me explain...

Before we take any action, we have a thought or impulse towards what we want to achieve. Instead of just jumping in immediately with action, first, take some time to envision yourself doing the thing. What do you think is going to happen? Is it going to be easy or hard? How do you want it to go? This first question gives us an opportunity to choose which road to take. How you think about your task will set the tone for your action.

If you believe it will be easy, why do you think so? Are there any surprises you can see might arise so you can be more prepared? If you think it will be hard, why do you think so? Is the task physically exhausting or mentally challenging? Can you envision it going smoothly? What is the best case scenario of this task? Do you need to break up the task into bite-sized activities in order to proceed with more ease?

This envisioning stage is most helpful when we can feel joy in any task before we begin. Sometimes, tasks are hard to make fun, like paying our taxes. "Boring and overwhelming you say! I'll be happy when it's over!" If this is the case, the end result of having completed the task may be the most joyful thought you can find. That's fine! Imagine yourself having completed the task and how good you will feel. Bask in that feeling for a bit. "It feels so good now that I am free from this burden!" Let that relief wash over you like it has already happened. Feels good, doesn't it? Let this feeling be your guide towards completing your goal. Keep reminding yourself how great the feeling is of completion.

The next step is to set a schedule for yourself to work on the task. Let this be somewhat flexible. If you decide to work on it tomorrow, but you wake up after a difficult night's sleep and feel groggy, then push it to another day. Don't let this go on for too long or you will lose the momentum of joy you created when envisioning. Give yourself an out if you need it, but continue to remember the feeling of joyful completion to motivate you towards your goal.

We can only keep so many details in our mind at one time. Making a list of completion points can help us not get overwhelmed with a complex task. This way, with every check point, we can have a little dance of joy!

Conversely, let's say you have a labor of love you are wanting to make a reality. Maybe you are an actor and because of Covid, you have had very few prospects to further your craft. This is a good time to ask yourself the question, if money were no object, what would I want to create? Have you always wanted to perfect that monologue? Film that quirky short? Practice that British accent? Choose something for the fun of it and then break it down into steps. Don't worry about why or if it will be good enough or who will watch it. Just pursue it for the fun of it. Get those juices flowing. When we create from the love of it, the universe will find a way to get it to the best audience.

In conclusion, the best way I can see to make the most of Autumn 2020, is to plot a course and walk it. Save judging it's worth for another day. Allow your spirit to guide you towards the best course of action for everyday creativity. Find that joyful place of "I can do this!" and proceed from there. For September, don't worry about completion. Envision beginning!

If you would like personal assistance in any of these areas, consider booking a session with me. I can help you through your Astrological birth chart, psychic card readings or a spirit discovery session to bring out the best of your gifts to share with the world. You are here on Earth for a very important reason! Find your purpose and walk it with joy and ease.

Much Love Always,

Nicole Tomassini

Spirit Therapist

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