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New Moon in Taurus - Relax and Enjoy!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

“Relax yourself for God’s sake!” Says this Taurus New Moon.

We’ve been running so hot and there is more to come but for now, take some time to chill into yourself and understand more fully who you are.

Taurus is the sign of love and beauty. Ruled by Venus and Aphrodite, this New Moon wants us to feel comfort and joy in our body and our surroundings.

Work with what’s tangible, what you hear, see, smell and touch. It could be anything you like! Reading a book, a cuppa tea, walking and talking with friends, bath meditation, spa day!…singing and dancing to your favorite playlist, the list is endless!

We are gonna need this rejuvenation in the days and weeks to come because everything is about to rev up. And many of you thought you were busy before!

Jupiter the planet of expansion is now in Taurus for the next year. Taurus’ mission statement is “I Have”. So what we have is gonna grow, expand and mature. Sounds great, right? Well, depends on what we have. If we have worry and doubt, that will expand. If we have debt, that could expand too. Jupiter doesn’t care what we are growing. It just assumes what we are focused on is what we want. So grow fruitful flowers of creativity and joy in your head to see them manifest on the ground!

The Sun soon moving into quick-thinking Gemini also expands this fact. If Gemini is set on a goal and has clear focus, it will fly through any obstacle at warp speed. But if it’s unsure, oh boy, here come the mind spins which is exhausting and not productive.

So even though this Moon cycle is about relaxation, it also comes with some work. (Taurus loves work!) The enjoyment is for a purpose. It sets us up to be more clear headed, replenish our energy and give us a fresh perspective. It also shows us that a balanced life is the way to go. We all know what “all work and no play” does to Johnny, so self care is not only necessary, it is essential for our well-being and productivity.

Why do I talk so much about productivity? Because this June and July are gonna be like none we’ve ever seen. The amount of change, manifestation, strong desire, time acceleration and more will be mind boggling. This is all for our growth to accomplish what we’ve come to do on this planet. It’s our time to shine baby! So really take the time now to center yourself, clear your mind, do what you love to do in preparation for what’s to come.

A happy person makes a productive person. So refresh yourself. Let this New Moon take you to a place of inner peace. It will serve you well when it comes time to create once again!

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