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Solar Hybrid Eclipse and Aries New Moon - The Cosmic Reboot

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

April 19/20th 2023 we have a Solar Hybrid Eclipse and Aries New Moon. Even though the Eclipse will only be seen in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, we will all certainly feel it. This is like a giant “turn in off and turn it back on again” reboot for Earth’s cosmic energy stream. Any old energies will be cleansed out and newness begins. If you are wanting to start something new, wait until at least a few days after this eclipse. You will be happy you did because the energy will support new growth at that time and these energies will be felt for at least the next six months.

Emotions can and probably will run high during this period. As humans, we are not thrilled with change, wanting to stay in our comfort zone. But this eclipse is a much needed and necessary part of our evolution. It gives us a chance to allow endings to happen in order to let new beginnings in so we can live from a more evolved, enlightened state. Don’t get caught up in any personal or worldly drama. If you see yourself getting worked up, breathe and do some meditation work. Know that this too shall pass. Freely giving up past hurts, old mental stories and anything you know is not for your highest good, will set you up for success in the months to come.

It is no coincidence and very timely that this is all happening in Aries once again. The last New Moon in Aries was a time for us to reassess who we are and where we are going. Now this New Moon tells us to soar into our vision of the future and allow events and circumstances to align in our favor. Aries is the warrior and will fight for what it wants. It is also the child of the zodiac, having the capacity to see everything as fresh and new at any given moment. This dichotomy of the sign gives us a choice; we can either throw a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming into the new, or we can embody childlike wonder as amazing changes happen all around us.

It’s a good time to work on your self confidence, get in touch with your inner wisdom and find your independence. Aries lights us up and tells us to be ourself no matter what opposing forces are around us. Make sure to do this with the least amount of anger possible. Drive is one thing, force and negative emotions are quite another,

Check out what house this eclipse occurs in your personal birth chart. This will give you a big clue as to what area of your life will be most affected. For instance, if it’s happening in your 2nd house ruled by Taurus, then it’s time to re-evaluate your financial goals and take care of anything holding you back from money flowing in and doing what you love. If it’s in your 7th house ruled by Libra, then relationships will be highlighted to assess what is working to support you and your goals and what is not.

In conclusion, between now and the Full Moon in Taurus on May 5th, allow, allow, allow. Watch from the point of view of the observer within for signals to act, when to keep quiet and how and where to make necessary changes. As an Aries myself, I can tell you that when we stay in our power we are unstoppable. When we get overly heated, it can be very difficult to find our bearings again without a lot of readjustment. Use the Aries fire to your advantage instead of getting swallowed up by the hot flames.

May you have the best cleansing, realigning time of your life during this Eclipse!

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